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Making Your Own Opportunities

Jain Lemos

Jain Lemos is a New York Times No. 1 bestselling book producer, noted photography publishing expert, author and innovator.

Making Your Own Opportunities

April 26, 2019

People working in the arts industry are using old strategies that are played out. Traditional revenue models have tapped out and shiny objects have distracted our clients to the point where they no longer bother looking for anyone new. Are you ready to move past “cross your fingers” marketing?

An online marketing seminar opened with this claim: “The more you love and serve your clients, the more money you’re going to make.” That is mostly true, but if you don’t deliver the best service or find the right clients, chances are your income isn’t going to increase very significantly.

Too often, those working in the photography and arts industry are stuck on one setting: They’ve been told to find a specialty and stay with it until it pays off. Their pricing is based on what they believe the competition is charging or what they think a client will pay. Some pay expensive consultants who pile so much work on their plates, they fail before they start.

We’ve all been guilty of following instead of leading in this business. That weakness has made us vulnerable to large and powerful conglomerates who are more interested in selling us their platforms and services instead of truly helping us succeed. We look around at the wrong people for our inspiration and stay behind our screens and shutters instead of speaking out. Oh, we vent in frustration on forums or in association meetings. But true change and empowerment rarely ensues.

“Don’t lose the most likely people looking for you by throwing out a net so wide they bail.”


Are you satisfied?

Why aren’t we delivering value for our clients and freedom for ourselves? Shouldn’t we be setting the terms and conditions we want to operate and engage in? Instead, we accept our place, frantically watching everyone else to see what we should be doing.

Forget the old models of pricing and embrace the concept of selling whatever you offer as an experience.

Consider what you’ve done in the past. Those low-ticket funnel tactics with an opt-in for free stuff followed by endless upsell offers for packages or subscriptions? Totally outdated. First of all, most people know to avoid these like the plague. Secondly, if someone finds you in the first place, why are you waving a $9.00 thing in front of their face if it isn’t going to help them?

Unless your game is data mining or capturing email addresses is making you a boatload of cash, don’t lose the most likely people looking for you by throwing out a net so wide they bail, leaving you dancing for the bottom feeders.

Yes, it’s broken

Content marketing has also been played to death; the results look more and more like spam every day. You were told to build your audience by:

  • joining every social platform
  • increasing followers
  • producing podcasts
  • posting YouTube segments
  • blogging for high-traffic stats
  • paying for SEO
  • writing a book
  • getting on the speaker circuit

and don’t forget…

  • networking for those referrals

At the end of the day, you just added to the endless noise, finding yourself nowhere closer to your endgame. What, then, is the answer?

I say it’s reaching out with offers that are transformational for everyone. This requires a basic shift in your beliefs. The framework has to include an experience that creates outcomes that wouldn’t have been realized without you. You have to lead and be a partner at the same time.

If you would like to explore this concept with me and hear how I can help you, please drop me a line.

“Forget the old models of pricing and embrace the concept of selling whatever you offer as an experience.”

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